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Engivista: Welcome

About Engivista

EngiVista facilitated STEM education conducting workshops, camps, and practical sessions throughout the schools in India. 

Course curriculum included scientific disciplines like robotics, electronics, avionics, automobiles to help students develop their thinking capacity to a maximum. 

Engivista: Bio

About My Role

  • I worked as a Product Owner supervising the complete product cycle from content creation to organizing workshops.

  • During the course, I also managed the procurement of raw materials (Arduino, LEDs, Chassis, Tyre, motors, etc) and their packaging into sellable robotics kits.


Challenges we faced - 

  • One of the challenges that we faced was the low availability of raw materials, resulting in high prices of kits. To lower the cost we took a few steps.

  • Firstly, instead of getting our raw material delivered in batches, we ordered it in Bulk. To tackle the availability issue, we changed our vendor to someone who was far in distance but had the availability of the raw materials. This helped us in getting orders in bulk. A further change was done in the packaging of the kit. 

  • Instead of giving separate components, we planned to package them soldered.

  • These above steps helped in bringing down the cost of kits by 36% 


In total, we successfully Curated level I and level II Robotics workshops at WH Smith school, Kavika and CATJEE coaching centre, Varanasi

Engivista: Bio
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