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CGI is an IT and business consulting service firm. While working for CGI, acted as a Project engineer for two clients – Stackroute Learning and CIGNA Pharmacy and Data Analytics

Product Engineer I

On-Prem online learning platform for learners to learn, master and showcase development technologies 

Responsibilities –

  • Conducted weekly sprints as Scrum Master in Agile environment.

  • Increased the productivity of the team by improving Planned-to-Done ratio by ~25%

  • Conceptualised and Built the assignment microservice facilitating code submission and live stream of logs on platform

  • Distributed the workload on the micro service by creating batch jobs resulting in decrease of workload by ~75% and increase in simultaneous submission of assignments by ~150%

stackroute logo .jpeg

Product Engineer II

CIGNA, One of the largest health insurance Provider in USA

Responsibilities –

  • Supervised the ideation, planning and development of pharmacy dashboard with weekly, quarterly and yearly health tracking features for on-prem health specialists.

  • Worked alongside 3 developers to implement RESTful APIs that enabled health care providers to increase speed ofreporting new pharmacy drugs by 39%

  • Implemented caching mechanism to pharmacy dashboards optimising the loading time of customer health data by ~80%

  • Built frontend functionalities and converted existing Tableau dashboards to Angular Dashboards

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